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Headline Search FAQ

Q: Cool, can you make it so I can search headlines?
  Though, I agree that it would be cool to have a search for TF, I will not implement one. There is no way I could guarantee that users are actually Totalfarkers, and I highly doubt that Drew would approve (I would have to get premission for that)
Q: Can you post the links to the articles posted on Fark?
  The search engine is for searching Fark headlines, posting the article links would bypass Fark there-by robbing them of ad impressions.
Q: I found a headline in the search engine that does not exist on fark (Tastes like chicken), what gives?
  Occasionally Fark removes stories from fark, when that happens I have NO WAY of knowing that the article was deleted. SO they will stay in the DB. (There are about 200 headlines in the DB now that were lost during fark's April 05 DB server crash)
Q: Why can't I find article X? It's on the main page now!
  Two reasons:
1. I add headlines in the middle of the night so they typically won't appear till the next day.
2. I try not to post headlines that are still on the main page.
Question for you: If it's on the main page, why do you need to search for it? :)
Q: I found a headline on fark that is not in the DB
  It may not be in the DB because I haven't found it yet (See previous question) OR I may have missed it. Let me know!
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