It's not just crap, ok, it's just crap.
and Farker dodald presents: Headline Search

Advanced features:

Keyword Searching:

The search engine has been updated to utilize keyword searches rather than phrase only searches. What this means is that when you search for photoshop contest you will get all headlines that contain the words "photoshop" and "contest". With a phrase only search you would have received only headlines with the phrase "photoshop contest" (in that order, and with no words in between)

'That sucks', you're thinking, well if you want to preform a phrase search simply put the search terms in quotes like "photoshop contest", that will return only headlines with the phrase "photoshop contest" (the old way)

You can also now negate keywords and/or phrases so that headlines that contain them will NOT be shown. Simply put a '-' in front of the keyword or in front of the quote for a phrase. e.g. photoshop -theme -"Iron Photoshop"


The search engine now allows the application of filters to your searches. For example if you only wanted articles posted with a cool tag about "fark" you would search for category:cool fark (Order does not matter)

even cooler is you can search in upto 5 categorys e.g. "category:cool category:amusing category:dumbass fark"

You're not gonna believe me but it actually gets cooler you can omit categories by putting a '-' in front of the category name: category:-cool fark

Currently the only other filter is the source filter which as you might guess allowes you to filter by source (source:"some guy" source:-"abc news")